Friday, March 22, 2024

World Tree with Dragon : Progression

World Tree with Dragon
(image of figure, wearing deer skull with horns (responsibility, family, heritage)  reaching 'through' the life and moon symbol to touch and create light shining on the opposite side of the world tree, while kneeling on the roots of the tree where the Dragon sleeps (mortality, the Earth, 'Universe turns' symbol clutched by dragon, also signifies the march of Time).  Bird giving knowledge (leaves to head).  Rabbit looking forward (symbol of regeneration and generations)
progression of an automatic drawing

pastel underdrawing 'scribble' to music

adding two colors of paint
deciding where the figures are


embellishing with gold and blue paints 

 defining more features

filling in blank areas

next step would be to go over with a fine brush and black or dark brown, or to go over with a permanent India ink pen


 final stage

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