Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Two poems and thoughts

 Random thoughts:

my cat has taken to parking herself in my chair every morning before dawn, and not leaving until I pick her up, protesting and hanging like a limp cloth, waving her whiskers at me and half-flattening her ears until I put down her feet gently on the floor beside me and she looks up and says 'oh, it's like this now, huh?' and curls around the foot of the chair in determination that she will remain as close to as exactly where she wishes to be as possible, with this human involved in the process
I would like some larger paper, and then I use what I've got
and that takes me long enough already, so I guess that's that
I look at my inks and my pigment pens and think I've used up some and don't touch others... but they sell the pens in packs and then I pick up one of the ones I don't usually use and take it for a stroll to do what it can do on the paper in front of me, the same with purple pencils, and reds, and then I am using eight types of things on one piece of paper and perhaps this is how I learn things... they say we all learn through play
two Poems from today : 
knitting : what may or may not be a stocking hat
 and the yarn was quite a pain to start out on the dpns, I thought about giving up but decided to give it a little longer, and now I'm a few inches in and maybe just maybe it will come to a fruition
Follow that Car
Somedays, it can look like a mess
it can be frustrating as hell at times
you can be uncertain you've got enough materials
or if you will ever have the time to finish it
to the standard that is in your mind's eye
and yet, you continue
and that, is when you know you're on to something
Mr. Taximan, follow that car
it's going my way
colored pencil drawing : available at   
the bird was in the grain of the paper, so it truly had to be drawn

Nesting Thoughts
All the words have fluttered away from me
in this hour of nesting
thoughts and habits
an hour of practice
unlike any other – even when they start the same
just like words – the image begins at one point
and before I can figure out what to say
it is already taking its own path
I am simply following
the way the motion goes
the crow’s line
drawn between two points
I did not choose
lessons for life

I've got a couple of other things I did today, as well.. 

 left-handed drawing with some right-handed coloring in on the plant

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