Tuesday, February 08, 2022

swath of bits


simplicity cotton yarn in a 2 x 2 basketweave (almost) with garter stitch edging

our chickens eggs on the cloth I knit - like scrambled eggs

radishes and weeds

reworking my pseudocode pattern to make myself a new pair of gloves
this needs 6 needles to finish each glove

it starts 18-18-27 on three needles
reduces to 33 inches (over 5 rows) after the 1x1 rib cuff
then continues up to the base of the thumb
pull off 5 stitches from one needle and 5 from another where they cross 
pull these stitches off onto two extra needles
cast on 8 extra stitches on the end of the working needle
join thumb as separate piece
place stitches evenly on two needles
work until long enough, then reduce and bind off with kitchener when it is 3/3 on the two working needles
join new yarn to entire hand piece, picking up stitches at base of thumb
should have 33-36 stitches (34 on these)
knit around - up to base of index finger
repeat the same type of thing across from index to pinky finger working one finger at a time - remove 5, 5, 4 and 3 stitches at a time to make each finger and add stitches in between the fingers to make enough to go all the way around 

repeat opposite to make glove for opposite hand


tried this recipe today:

Crude dumplings and vegetables in sauce

bulgur wheat and a small handful of green split peas <-- put through grinder until makes flour about 1/2 cup, add salt, tiny bit of baking powder, olive oil, water and a small handful of regular white flour to make a dough like yesterday's flatbread - except grainier...

let rest for 10 minutes, roll flat on board with a glass jar side

Then I looked at what kind of dough it had made and realized it was not going to cook well the way the flatbread did, it needed a steaming effect.  Since I already had something in the oven I decided to make a sauce on the stovetop this time and let it steam in the sauce.   Maybe try a 'steamed tortilla' of it another day.

break flattened dough into pieces

boil about a 1/2 of water, soy sauce, brown sugar, oil and five spice powder

place the dumpling bits in the sauce mixture and cook on medium-high adding some more water if it gets dry, add vegetables and serve with a cooked egg on the side



We also baked cookies today - been working up to it for a few days.  White chocolate chip cookies from the recipe on the bag.

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