Tuesday, January 04, 2022


Marie Lynn Lamb

Acrylic 16x20" The Yellow Light : An Absorbing Tale by Lamplight

expressionist painting, comp. Jan 4, 2022 

yellow, titanium white, cyan, ultramarine, yellow ochre, a bit of sap green but other greens were mixed

cat on roof and bookracks at 'le magasin dans la rue' (the shop in the street)

taking a look at the book by lamplight  - can't even wait to get home

I feel that one down deep sometimes

a bicycle in a puddle outside a vestibule -  there are little bits here that could be improved but it was all the colors here and there, building it as I went until suddenly it was a bike (le vélo) - so I am scared to get back into it and mess up what was 'created out of the mist' here...

What it looked like last night at 'stage one' - when I put it up because everything was too wet and I just kept dragging the colors around instead of helping

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