Wednesday, January 05, 2022

handcrafted meditation


I do a lot of handcrafts, still, even now.  My hands often hate me for it now, but still - I press on, although sometimes a project will sit until I can take the 'balancing point' again between I have to do 'other things' (like driving, etc) with my hands that are more pressing than this.

 That sounds a bit depressing, but it's not -really.  It's a nice thing to have 'in my back pocket' to do in the middle of the night or when I need to think something over.  I'm not solving deep math problems or physics or etc.. but I do let my mind wander far and deep and wide and sometimes that 'doing nothing while doing something' is valuable beyond compare.

 I do tend to use these things - washcloths, and bags, and baskets, hats and scarves and mittens.  They always get used somewhere.  And I do like the 'encapsulated time' effect I also have with items I have made.  I can remember where I was, some of what I was thinking - maybe a movie that was on, by looking at the work.

 A handful of washcloths in different cotton and linen yarns - and a crochet hamper basket, because FB keeps advertising one to me and I scoff and say 'if I wanted to - I could make something as useful, maybe not as 'chic' as that one - but it would be mine.


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