Friday, November 29, 2019


Completed two modern fairy tales today, 'Catch Your Dreams and Let Them Live', and 'The Faery King will Have His Blood', and submitted both of them to literary magazines for review.  It will be a few months before I hear back, but they will go in House of Sunlight or the next one (which I'm already planning, having to do with magic and how it intersects the world) if they are not chosen.

Someone is reading my poetry book and will tell me what they think this week.  It is due for submission December 13.  Mark already helped me edit several of them, and this morning I woke up and changed four a little bit...

I have a bath design presentation tomorrow.  I think I have everything ready and am happy that this is a very good project in materials, labor and value.

Someone told me this morning, when several people were talking in a group, that irrational fears arise because you are not being true to who you really are, or are not living actively in the present, (or both)'.  It is really good advice.  Hard to live up to, but so much more a light in the dark than what others have told me about the anxiety I had at (L)... it is true, someone was asking me more and more to not be myself, invalidating what my values were and telling me to do things against my nature, all the while I was holding my nature down on creativity, art and writing and trying to make a difference beyond a paycheck to paycheck and being a good person to my family, raising my daughter well etc.  What they wanted me to do, and who they were asking me to be, was tearing me apart.  And I am trying very hard to be true to who I am while still making our way in the world.

The Catch Your Dreams story is just spot-on.  I hope if anyone in fact reads this, they'll be able to see it in 2020 in one place or another.

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