Sunday, October 28, 2018

October 28th

We're getting almost entirely done with the new chicken yard.  There is just a little finishing up around the entryway to do.  Mark and Esme got most of the netting up today over the top of the cables. 

Esme and I did a test-pack for South Carolina, and I've looked at maps and tried to see what our best routes are when we get there.  I asked if Dad was ready to have an eleven year old in the house this week.. and Grandma Gale said she isn't sure.  They have confirmed that the packages arrived.. and Esme is really looking forward to the beach, but not the plane.  She asks me every day morning and night if I think the plane will be okay.. that she now thinks the plane will be okay,.. that she's thought about it and maybe the plane will be okay. etc etc.  My more realistic fear is getting separated or jostled around in the big airports.

Our washer bit the dust last night - and we had to go into Lowe's today to buy a new one.  We'll be setting it up in the morning.  I bought the one the specialist said he would have bought for his wife - and I know the guy, so I know he likes his wife ;)  It has a stainless steel drum, which Mark is amazed by.

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