Wednesday, February 01, 2017

critical fault bits

It seems I just had too much going on my plate this morning - only a few hours of sleep, sinus infection and heavy labor (freight came in today) mixed to make me crash about 10:30...was having a bit of a fever, really hard time remembering things I had just done and stare at something about three times to get the information processed to know what to do with it.  All in all - I may be the only person who can do those tasks but I wasn't doing it very well compared to usual.  I took lunch, got back up after an hour and went to get the necessary stuff done, and then went home from work early.

I have a few inches knit on Esme's new scarf from yesterday.  Not much else- deciding if I would do better with a steamy bath or a nap or one after the other....

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