Wednesday, February 08, 2017


I thought I'd take a snap before school.  I feel I'm so busy lately and one thing or another I haven't taken very many pictures for her to see when she is older...  We have her Valentine's project I need to help her bring in on Friday - so it won't get destroyed on the bus.  Working through to the end of the week - I have Friday off.  Knit some more on the scarf while we watched movies last night.

I also started taking vitamins again yesterday, see how long that lasts... they told me my attendance at work had slipped and I needed to focus on being there every day on time for a year or it would go to the next level.  In ten years, I've never been even on the first level.  They counted the battery dying in our truck in December and a closed road for traffic (that was closed for an hour and I had to detour around it) last August, too... so I think it was a bit overzealous.  Anyway.

Finished the Cure of Clan Ross books by L. L. Muir.  I liked them - they were sweet and well thought out at the same time.  moving on to the third book in Hannah Howell's Murray family series.

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