Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tuesday before Thanksgiving

9a    - Capitalization sentences worksheet (continued from yesterday).  Her handwriting did improve.
9.30    - art: NaNoWriMo illustration : transferring a pencil drawing to a larger sheet of paper.  Looking up Chinese characters and putting them into her drawing.

She drew a pencil drawing first, and then transferred the important parts to the larger sheet of paper with a pencil. The painting part was a collaboration.  I think it is a lot clearer than the crayon drawings and a lot more details show through.  The Chinese characters are for 'food' and 'chicken'.  The dragons on the right have French Fry containers on their noses.

11.30    - break
//we went to town to get ready for Thanksgiving dinner.
We are intending to give Esme the next few days off - as her public school district is also getting those days off.  I am home for the next two, so we all get a rest tomorrow.

12.15    - Galapagos documentary : Forces of Change.  We watched the other two episodes on this documentary over dinner some nights and did not count it as school.  It was an excellent show.
1.15    - break
//walk to lake
 We brought the puppies to the lake.  They were very interested in everything Esme did.

 Esme and Lucy

Skipping rocks - with great success.

4.15    - spelling 27,28 of Second Grade Spelling
4.30    - khan math : Equivalent fractions : This was hard for her to grasp at first.  She despaired awfully over a very simple question...sidelined herself and argued.  But she did get it partially...especially after I made her watch more videos explaining the idea.  We will review again later.  I know she is ready for this.

Mark says we need to press harder for her to get all of her school done early - as she gets cranky when it is spread out.  However, she is cranky when we rush it, too... we'll try to get the timing closer together and see if it improves or not.

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