Thursday, November 19, 2015


8:30    - 2nd grade math assessment
---She wrote her own equation in one of the common core type 'illustrate this simple math question' boxes because she didn't think the simple math question needed illustrating.  I liked her equation (1+.7=1.7 with circles showing a whole and a 'almost whole') but she erased it after I told her an official test would want that to be the equation for the number sentence next to it.  She had no trouble with anything else on the test, which was 50 questions.

9:30     - music
9:45     - spelling, review 24, did 25 and 26
10       - silent reading : 'I'm the Best' and 'We had a picnic Sunday Past'
         - explaining the books to me
10:30      - Minecraft Subway city
12.30    - writing for Nanowrimo
1.30    - done

When I got home at 9 we did a little more work on Nanowrimo fitting in her new paragraph and expanding on it.  We printed out a third draft and will edit and rearrange it a little tomorrow.  We're also planning an outing and maybe library time tomorrow.

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