Sunday, December 22, 2013

bit and playing outside

Playing outside 

Playing with the crank on the trailer, it is an 'invention' that smashes leaves. 

A leaf! 

Looking off across the yard 

Standing by the rose tree

playing outside before sunset

I had one of those 'I'll think back on this in the future' moments the other day with Esme.  I was listening to 'Great Big Sea' on the headphones and she dances across the room shimmering in the early morning sunlight.  I hold out the headphones to her and she puts one ear in and 'jams' to the last riff of 'I'm a Rover' with me, saying this is good music.  The moment made me smile several times later that day.. Sometimes I feel that 'this moment' is resonating in time forward and backward.. something tied to the past and that will be remembered and 'touched' back in the future.  And I love those moments... they let me know I'm in a sweet spot.

We're getting ready for Christmas.. things are wrapped, the Christmas stocking is ready and I'm finishing up knitting one last Christmas present.  Esme has been on break for several days and won't go back to school until a week after the new year.  She has been showing off her reading skills again and generally telling me a lot about how she thinks the world works.  The lights went out last night in a storm and I went upstairs to find her standing in the middle of the room scared stiff - the lights had come back on - but she was still scared.  She felt better with someone to accompany her downstairs, just in case the lights went out again.  Daddy told her that the world was raining outside and the house would need to become an ark, which was a big boat.  She took an attempt at drawing a picture of the house as a big boat - said it needed metal to protect it from being lightning...   Currently she is sitting on the floor near me putting barettes in ponies' hair and fending off kittens.

I've got some fabric from the store to make her a plain dress, in a warm russet brown color... not sure if I'll get to it today.  I finished the Christmas project, washed it and wrapped it up.  I then finished a little blue deer on my desk and put it in another package with the printed pictures to send off to my Mom in Minnesota.  The brown fabric is washed and put in my zippered bag to work on another day.

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