Friday, February 08, 2013

A Yard of Donkey Fabric

I ordered a yard of this when I saw it online... without any idea of what to do with it.  It is called 'Senor Burrito' by Alexander Henry.  That isn't all that usual for me...getting fabric without having an idea of what will be made from it.  I'll have to think hard for it....  I have a yard of green that was gotten on clearance at the fabric table that could be used with it...

Other projects on the table : finished the wool gloves but may put some other yarn decoration on them... Making a yarn bolster pillow for the bed with the scraps leftover from the full size afghan.  It is white with grey and navy blue stripes.

Esme is having a great time watching a new My Little Pony show.  She went to town with Mark today and she was very good.

Geeky girl time: thermodynamics and lectures and one more for later

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mrspao said...

It is saying pyjamas to me!