Sunday, February 06, 2011

Blue dress in motion

This is the dress made yesterday - it needs some analysis to see if there is any better alteration of this pattern to be made. I took some pictures of her in motion as well as standing still.

The more it is on her the more I like it in general - but there are elements of her body shape that can be altered better for. See below how the dress pulls funny across her chest as she raises her arms. There is also something pulling right at the neck when she flexes and at the waistline. These are all things that COULD be fixed but may take a few variations in order to find the best solution.

It's obvious the sleeves can be narrowed. A lot of her dresses have these bell sleeves because they are easy and never constricting - but they do get in the way some elsewise, as well - like getting severely wet when washing hands.

The skirt can be dropped but will need longer zippers than the 7 inch ones in my collection. Mark says I can just drop the zipper lower and put a button at the top of the dress - and/or drop the neckline on both sides.

Also the sleeve head can be brought up - but that will be difficult if the neckline is also brought down - it will leave very little shoulder seam. The dress would look better with a higher sleeve head - but would it move as well with her? As can be seen in these pictures she is VERY much a little monkey - especially around her bed. Having 'loose-fitting' clothing but not TOO loose is important for her to as she is so active.

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So precious!