Saturday, November 22, 2008

Obama Plan

The news says Obama plans to rebuild infrastructure in America to help with the economic crisis, job losses and to help lay a foundation for the future. I'm not really the political type - but that sounds like a good idea. Paying American people to put work into their country that will last, like roads, bridges, trees, parks etc... just might be part of the answer. At least we will have something when we are done - unlike the plan to hand lots of cash over to corporations. And the corporations will get some of the money anyway - because where are all the materials and machinery needed for these projects going to come from? Just my two cents.


Andrea said...

hmm... it SOUNDS good, but only time will tell.

mrspao said...

That sounds a lot like the New Deal, doesn't it? It is a very sensible proposition and we were all cheering here when we heard Obama had won.

RheLynn said...

MrsPao: That's what I thought too - a lot like the CCC citizen's conservation corps?