Monday, November 17, 2008


Sippy cup

Esme has almost completely refused to drink formula anymore - and now it's real milk in a sippy cup and no more bottle either (unless all the sippy cups are in the dishwasher).

Happy girl!

Most of the time Esme is smiley, but lately she has been quite the brat with her teething and mommy being busy so much when I'm home. I have so many toys to make! I spend lots of time playing puzzles, chasing her around, reading books, giving baths, mealtime etc.. but sometimes she just can't bear to be stuck in her playpen when Mommy is sewing.

Hanging out with Dad

Mark hangs out on the bed and reads books often and she likes to come up and crawl around and 'smushface' on the pillows etc... Mark often has to keep hold of one leg just to make sure she doesn't dive off unexpectedly.

Unhappy girl :(
crying because she can't have the camera

She wants to copy everything we do and be in on the fun. Being told 'No' is about the worst thing in the world for her and she has a temper. We're holding firm though. 'Yes we know you're mad. No, you're not getting/doing (X)' We try to just ignore her tantrum and go about what we were doing. If she really gets unreasonable we distract her by reading a book, singing a song, going to another room etc..

Completely exhausted, she fell asleep on the shelf like this for a full ten minutes before the dogs woke her up


Anonymous said...

She's so cute.

I'm so sorry to hear about the pets!

But the fabric store find is a gem.

Rhiannon said...

I LOVE the picture of her sleeping. What a priceless moment!!

She has become such a big girl, the baby is dwindling and the toddler is emerging!

thursday said...

That's a funny picture!

I was really sad to read about the kitty and the dog. I hate hearing about lost kitties, especially. We lost a few of our strays (and we had to leave them all when we moved). I still hope they just found a better place to live.