Thursday, February 15, 2007

Starring Blaze

Blaze is a half Great Dane, half Collie.
She is eighteen months old, and probably weighs close to 120 lbs.

Of the three Dane/Collie crosses we have here, Blaze looks the most like her mother, Abby, who passed away in December.

Seeing as she is not the star at the moment, Mouse is not amused.

KnitOwl in Progress

I'm working on some crafty stuff. Usually I put up my finished projects immediately. This time, I'm waiting until I put the polish on some patterns, instructions and tutorials to go with the F/O pictures.


Jennifer said...

They are both so cute!

Anonymous said...

They're both adorable!!

mrspao said...

Blaze is gorgeous and Mouse has such an expressive face.

Jeanne said...

You can't really blame Mouse. She is a cat after all. That's the way she is.

Chris said...

Great Dane and short-haired/smooth collie, I presume?

RheLynn said...

No, actually! Their father is a VERY longhaired Collie who belongs to Mark's brother about a mile up the road.

Anonymous said...


Long haired ultra fuzzy collie, actually. They got about 4x the coat length of their mother. which leaves them shorthaired enough for indoor use still.