Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Starring Mouse and some Nameless Smoking Bones

Starring Mouse, the diluted tortoiseshell Manx
Willowpede and Sallymander's older sister

An outside-inside cat has very dirty paws...
dirty, but still cute.

Nose and Whiskers

This skeleton hangs near the doorway of the house here -- he's plastic, don't worry ;o) However, he doesn't have a name -- nothing has 'stuck' yet, as he has very little personality. He has gained a coat and pipe recently though, so maybe he's planning to make a break for it?

In other news : Still working on the weaving, although yesterday wasn't very productive for it. I had a headache most of the day - got quite bad about 9 pm, then let up at 3 this morning. Feeling better now, much better. Working on putting some auctions up on Ebay and have a small Python program that should be worked on later.


Chris said...

Her paws don't look THAT dirty!! Sorry to hear about the headache, but glad it's gone!

Anonymous said...

What great pictures you've shown lately. Such a pretty kitty.

Obsidian Kitten said...

great pictures!

and i love Bones! lol

Lynn said...

you need to call him Skelly

mrspao said...

Monty - definitely a Monty!

Mouse is lovely :)

Anonymous said...

Cute pix of Mouse! Bummer about the headache.

Wow, some of your pictures lately have just been amazing. I didn't see the rabbit in the (new) post until you pointed out the shoulder icon! Dumb me.