Sunday, October 08, 2006

A little Socktober progress, but not much

Bernat SOX yarn
second sock, first sock completed in August

I ripped back about ten rows because the sock was too big.

Mass of bone, cartilage or 'something'
leftover from breaking my foot when I was ten years old.

It's not painful, but is really annoying when making socks! (that's a quarter there - think about working around it in size 2 needle stitch increments!) I try to remember to size both socks just a little bit big, because of this. However, as I was knitting this second sock in the van on the way back from Linuxfest, ended up overcompensating and had to rip back.

Tux Update: I got news this morning that Tux now has all of his shots and has healed up from his 'surgery.' He is ready to be seen by the public soon! I have to go take a look at the animal shelter - as I was sent on an errand in another city that day and didn't actually get to see him all the way there :o( Mr.J and the boss took him - and they said the facility was amazing, with happy critters and lots of toys.

Yikes! I accidentally deleted a post :o( haven't done that in a long time. Sorry :o(


Obsidian Kitten said...

beyoootiful socks!

Jennifer said...

I like them!

Anonymous said...

Love your socks!

Chris said...

Fun socks!! Poor foot. Does just making the socks ribbed help?


Those are some funky, colorful socks! Nice work-- :)

And wow--even though you say it's not painful, your foot looks like it must hurt!

PS: Thanks for your kind comments on my blog recently.

RheLynn said...

Thanks everyone!

Chris: I'll have to try the ribbed idea, or maybe a broken type rib....something not really elastic, but just a little.