Sunday, January 03, 2021

bit o bit of cats who dance

 I saw a lady

walking with her Manx cat

I wasn't sure who was walking who

as they nearly danced

the cat weaving in and out between

her high-top sneakers

she placed each foot down carefully

as if to some melody I could not hear

as she talked on a cell phone

wandering down

the stretch of rural road

as they have done 

it was obvious to me

so many times before

dance, weave, step, purr

they were rhythm intertwined

the cat would have had its tail up

if it had one

the love was obvious

the day was ordinary

and still - when I reach that little stretch

of road with the wide fields, bare trees and grasses

I think of them

dancing - in their little slice of world

that for that moment

I shared

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