Thursday, January 02, 2020

january journals #2

again had some time to kill while I waited for a prescription

Journal (not related to the image)
It is for none of you and for all of you that the pear grows and the bird sings in the morning.  It is for all who listen, see and participate in the great circle of Nature.  It is for none of you in that it will continue to march its path when all of us are dust and your descendants cannot remember your names.  For that very reason we must do as much as we can to make sure we do not take it for granted, do not gather it all greedily in one place and set it to flame, and do not block the eyes of the children from appreciating there are wonders such as these in the world - that being in the world is precious - and a gift not given but received.

And I promised to do a sketchbook page every day - this is another one of the old farm, remembering when the skunks dug up under the house, Duke, and Mouse and the garden and the clothes on the line...

This paper was in my stack, just a few pages left, time to get some more.  It is extra-rough, which is tough on the colored pencils, but makes for a really great definition.  Take a look at the product below, and help support art!

a little automatic writing also done while waiting for the prescription -
A white soft veil of wind behind the tail of the fox that ran in front of us, its black legs hopping and uncertain to chase or be chased it ran off into the tall grasses without much more than a moment of indecision and yet it was seen by the eight year old with her hands and nose pressed up against the glass of the station wagon each patch of white on chest and stomach and tail memorized for remembering later with crayons and chalk

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