Thursday, October 24, 2019

trip and back

I'm back from my trip to South Carolina, have been since the weekend, but had to deal with some tooth pain during then.  Moving ahead on my bath design work looking for some tile that matches a shower, ordered the vanity top etc ... Today I am going to get the vinyl sign put on the car, and mail out a few copies of the book.

I collected a few more of my short stories together, working on pruning that, and writing more.  Tried to sit down the past few days and put some of my synesthesia and driving thoughts and dream images into a few scattered stories to come back to.  Found a few others that were half-written in my archive and added them in to look at, too.  Two more I remember but can't find.

During the worst of my tooth pain I had a few hours there where the pain came through as light and color.. it was pretty and gave me a bit of a break, but it came back to being only pain after that.  Synesthesia has its uses, but right now the world seems a little dim and black-and-white because the light and color in my mind's eye were brighter.  I guess this is where I get some of my weirdest writing from *heh*

Got a list of things to do today.  Brew the coffee, throw a few eggs in the microwave and get ready to go do it.

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