Tuesday, January 08, 2019


I've designed a few more things for our 3D printer, some deer and llamas that have dishes on their backs for rings and such.. and a cow from the same pattern.  Also, playing with a new vice and my very old carving tools from college - I bought them from some little mail order catalog back in 2001 or so at the (then) very dear price of 65.00.  I barely ate that month to scrimp for them.. but they are still good all of these years later.  I split a little piece of honeysuckle wood Mark had cut off the gate the week before we found Rex (I remember, because it was odd he cut that gate open and then the puppy showed up outside that side of the fence and we used the gate for the first time in years).  There is a bigger piece of wood, too - just playing with this one to see what I can do with old tools.

 Mark had the 3dprinters set up this way for a little bit, and now he has them down and is trying to repair something again.
 deer and llama 3dprinted from my pattern

 honeysuckle wood

3d printed cows from my pattern (sCAD code)

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