Monday, September 24, 2018


It rained for like three days straight... hope it is over for a bit now.  We've nailed down the dates for going to South Carolina to see my dad.  I sent a few birthday presents on to them so they will be t here and we won't have to take them on the plane.  Esme had a great weekend with the J family to celebrate G's birthday.  They went to St.Louis Zoo and had a blast. 

The car has a name - it is Lydia.  I'll just not go into explaining but it has stuck and that is its name.  I've ordered some special bumper stickers that will make 'reference' to the name as an in-joke between Mark and I.  Let's just say she was the topic of a song on the Muppets, and the words chosen are from that song, although that song is not why I named her Lydia in the first place.

Rex is growing, and growing, and growing.  He broke his little bucket and I bought him a bigger one at work but he hasn't taken quite as much to it yet.

Other bits.
I've kept going with my Welsh, and can almost understand the children's book third chapter I was working through without going to Google translate. 

Did a little crocheting - a hat with two colors of yarn and a metallic thread intertwined.

We really need to get the chicken yard finished - they were so miserable during this rainstorm, but really just because being wet they didn't want to huddle with other wet chickens in the only dry place and the dry chickens kept kicking the wet ones out or something to the effect....

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