Monday, June 26, 2017

end of vacation

I'm back to work today.  I've dreamed of work at lest a third of the nights.. crazy stuff, all the way to walking the aisles with coworkers asking me questions like usual... I close tonight and I've been getting up early almost every day, so that is going to be a tough turnover.

I finished the Christmas yarn Mark and Esme got me and it is a simple but useful shawl.  I have this owl pin on it that Miss Irene (Grandma)  gave to me.  I'm working on a second lace thing that I might make into a sleeved bolero thing.. I'll have to see.  I do like knitting lace and Mark had also found some bamboo knitting needles for me on a clearance shelf, so I found an interesting yarn in my stash and started working on it.

It is 'Unforgettable' self-striping acrylic yarn, in Tealberry
It took two skeins to make it, and it is just a simple seed stitch pattern.
This yarn was lovely to knit with, and it is soft and silky and warm but not hot.
It has t he most beautiful drape, flowing over anything like a stream of silk water.

I've gotten to level 11 on the French learning site I'm using, and 31% fluency (which fluctuates with how many I answer right/wrong).

We watched Arrival.. not the greatest.  I have 'Forever Knight' in the queue to introduce Mark to - something someone posted the other day reminded me again I needed to look for it.  It is about a night-shift vampire detective who is trying to cure himself of his 'disease' with the help of the coroner.  *hilarious* in its way, for that alone.

I'm still sunburnt.  Esme had sunscreen on so only her back between the suit straps got burnt some.. she still says it is uncomfortable.  I might look for some aloe lotion when I get off of work tonight.

I didn't touch my book I am writing all week except to print out the progress.  I did read about six books, though.. maybe seven.  The Orphan Tales series is still swelling up at times and being further digested and rolled around... there is just SO MUCH to it it keeps changing even after I read it. 

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