Sunday, April 27, 2014


We all went to the Fish Fry carnival yesterday, and had a lot of fun. Esme was very brave and got on several 'big kid' type rides.  She was so sad to see it end...  I have some things to do with plants and seedlings today - and I have started a woven wall hanging type thing that I saw ideas for on Pinterest.  Esme is holding a 'party' in her room again with her boombox, snacks and basically just repeating the same song over and over again... I'm holding off attending, although I received a written invitation :)  There is coffee brewing and I might bring the loom in there.

I put out nasturtiums and bushel gourds yesterday.. it is supposed to rain tonight and all week long after that so I might try to get another row of beans and one of cucumbers out there before it does.

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