Sunday, March 03, 2013

Dahlia dress and almost first lost tooth

I know we've used this doorknob as a height indicator for a while in pictures - now her head is actually even with the lock above the doorknob. She is 46 inches tall.

This is also the Dahlia dress I made last night out of the modern (2012 copyright) pattern.  McCalls M6594.  The elasticized neckline took so long to make - and I worry that it will not hold up.  We will have to see.  It looks very different on her, as well - it is growing on me, but I am used to seeing a fitted neckline.  She says it is 'amazing' - so that is a good review there ;)

She said she had to have her arms all the way up... it shows the elastic on them pretty well. 

Making her cow into a walrus with stick on suction darts.  He has also been a unicow lately.

Esme is also about to lose her first tooth.  Fittingly, it is the first tooth she ever got as a baby, as well.  She is worried about it, and not sure what will happen when it is gone.  She knows what is supposed to happen - a new one grow in, but she is still worried ;)

I have also knit/crocheted a hat to match my gloves, it is nothing spectacular but it fits better than the other one I had made.  I have some yarn for dishcloths and a lot of laundry to do today.  

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