Saturday, October 16, 2010

red bravest dragon jacket

Esme and Bunny and I by the stairs

This is the gray and red jacket I made the other day. I even wore it to work as a shirt, although I intend to mostly wear it at home. The red fabric is named 'The Bravest Dragon' and was from Mockingbird Threads fabric shop in Huntingdon, TN.

Today I'm working on Esme's Clifford the Big Red dog shirt for her birthday - but only when she isn't looking. When she is looking I'm working on a 'mumum dress' - trying to reproduce some of the pieces to a dress pattern that has some missing.

We went to the library book sale today and a garage sale. I found a very cool flowered shirt at the garage sale and Esme got to play with a few children there. She had a 'grand ol' time' with the kids although she once again called them 'baby' when they were older than her! They drove around in a ride-on toy and Esme acted like she had known them for years, but then was right up and ready when we said 'library.' She played more Reader Rabbit Toddler at the library and did the shape puzzles on there. She is really good at them - but sometimes the mouse falls off the table and she gets mad about that. Mark found some really cool 'Van Nostrand Scientific Encyclopedia's and a few novels. I found several classic Disney books for Esme and a few foreign language books for myself. Then we were home to visit Grandma and Grandpa and have jell-o and fishsticks.

I'm enjoying the BBC French lessons :) It makes me want to listen to my 'Great Big Sea' CD again and find the French they sing - and the little French mystery I picked up today is about 40% understandable. Mark cracked: 'So, that's why it's a mystery, eh? You only understand half the words?' HA. HA. HA.

note: I think I've gained or lost some weight... as that last picture looks odd to me - but it is a good shot of the jacket so I'll keep it :)

LATER: Esme was being mean to the Suki kitty so Daddy put her in her room... and she fell asleep quite quickly. The mumum dress needs a LOT of alterations to work for me... glad I'm working in muslin. Ran out of bobbin thread and need to go back down there, fill another bobbin, and finish Esme's Clifford shirt while she is asleep. I got a third of it done earlier when she was watching Tom and Jerry cartoons (she calls it cat and mouse on TEE). Might work more on the dress tomorrow...

Other notes Esme has made another subtle but noticeable change in her speech... Now she says things like this: 'I talk to the Daddy NOW. I said I talk to the Daddy. I SAID - I talk to the Daddy. Come in, Mumum, come talk to the Daddy. Come in Daddy, come in sit down. Wait me, I come in! (even when you are just across the room from her) Be Quiet Daddy. Stop it. No Sing Mumum, quit it. Stop it HOT, ow my eye (stop shining in my eye sun(HOT), it hurts my eye). No draw the pretty mumum, I sit the pretty (don't draw on the fabric mom I'm sitting on it)' etc.

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