Thursday, February 23, 2006

Little Ducks

Little Duckies

I went out and took a lot of pictures today, trying to get practice with this Canon PowerShot A40, but Blogger isn't responding to uploading my pictures :o( So, here is just one at PhotoBucket. I'll have to post the woods pictures later.

We went looking for land again today, looking on a road not too far from the office. There were four signs, and none of them seemed very good hits. One place wanted 60K+ for a 20 year old trailer and a small lot. EEP! Well, that isn't the usual around here -- so it quickly went in the 'No' pile.

Almost done with my Mom's second dishcloth, and the third duckie (not seen in the pic). Next will be a larger bunny and some sheep! More pics and links later, Have a Great Day!


Chris said...

Thanks for the kitty link. I, um, am contemplating its purchase! It's just too cute... I think I might have a worse problem on my hands than just yarn...

RheLynn said...

LOL Well, you know, there could be a black kitty in the making for you, if you send an email to here.

*whistles innocently*

Susan said...

I love the ducks!! Still working on my own sketches. I'm determined to finish the dress I'm knitting for my baby so my stuffed critters are taking back seat.

Chris said...


RheLynn said...

Thanks Susan! Is your little one is growing almost as fast as your knitting project is? ;o)

I was trying to think up a good practical (and cute) way of hooking the ducklings to the mommy, and in a removable way... but I might just give up on it.

I showed them to Miss I. at work, and she said there has to be 'at least six or a dozen' babies ;o) eep!