Sunday, February 12, 2006

Too much temptation

This Project Spectrum thing looks too good to pass up. I'm not sure I can put myself on a schedule though! **debates the temptation**

I have serious book unpacking to do today; but where in the world we are going to put them is beyond me. J is asking that we break our weekly grocery-shopping pact and buy a loaf of bread. He made homemade hummus last night and the bread somehow all disappeared.

UPDATE: Thanks to Chris for suggesting to bake crackers! These Pepper Crackers are SO GOOD and very easy to make in our food processor. I made two batches today!

Willow is not yet convinced that my dishcloths (finished #5 - #6 on its way) are not huge bowtie mice. She started to carry one off yesterday -- and got quite a way before I caught her.

We have a very odd movie to watch today -- Shanghai Triad -- 'a gangster film set in 1930s China.' J says it is Chinese-language also. I wonder how much this will mess up my Japanese-language learning! ;o)

Picture this: Willow is perched on our slanted drafting-table, sleeping 'Allball' style in our 10"x10" square puzzle box (with one leg dangling over the side). Nestled between her little white paws is da-da-da-dum... my dishcloth from last night! She is now about a ten-pound cat, so every once in a while she moves the wrong way, falls off the table, and has to climb back up.

I was just over at Myra's knitting basket. She has some beautiful images in her gallery (and some fabulous lace on her needles). The red flat-top felted hat in her gallery is very unique! (pattern?)


Chris said...

The Project Spectrum schedule is pretty relaxed! :)

Hmm, I don't know - maybe you need to bake some bread or crackers instead of buying, to maintain the pact?! ;)

RheLynn said...

He drank all the soy milk too :o(

I'm looking online, but so far only found one vegan recipe that doesn't take soy milk... and it is a pastry-shell. :o( :o(

RheLynn said...

Hmm.. crackers? That got me onto a whole different set of recipes, thanks!

Crackers recipe that only requires margarine (which we have some vegan margarine in the house)

Chris said...

Glad to oblige. :)

Does Willow get offended when she falls off? As if it's somehow your fault?

RheLynn said...

Not as much as when we laugh at her ;o)

It is more of a 'Nobody saw that, it didn't happen' attitude.

myralea said...

hello, nice to meet you too! how did you find me on the web?

/myra- very curious :)

Chris said...

I haven't seen a hat quite like that before! It looks very warm.

Chris said...

You're welcome!!

Lolly said...

Join the Project Spectrum fun! Like Chris said, it is relaxed! Lemme know if you wanna sign up ;)

Peevish said...

You're learning Japanese? Cool!

Chris said...

Guess who I thought of when I saw this free softie pattern?! Makes me wish I sewed!

RheLynn said...

Thank you Chris! She looks so cute!