Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Flea-market day & preview

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A Preview from KnitOwl & friends
These are some of the things I'm working on.


At the Flea-Market
Huntingdon TN fairgrounds, every Tuesday morning
Well, we went! In the accepted tradition, we arrived at 8:30 am and laid out all of our wares. I wore my big white hat, and we brought Abby the Great Dane along for the ride. She is a big dog, (130+ lbs) and got quite a bit of attention from the shoppers, which she loved ;o)

I didn't sell any dishcloths, (although two people asked if I'd be back another week) but did sell some odds-and-ends I cleared out of the sewing box this week (unopened vintage lace, elastic etc). A toy rabbit and the duck set came with, both of which were picked up many times and looked over, but not sold.

The cost of having a 'booth' doubles next week... J thinks we should drag some extra things out of our storage garage and try again anyway.

I've got a few more things done to put up in the shop - and will be working hard at it. I was up until 2 am, finishing, tagging and packaging. I am really excited how the ducks turned out!

I'll have pictures later on today, right now I have to make lunch, then varnish some boards for the new office shelves. After that, I'll be tackling another Python program for online form submittal.

It's a fun life ;o)

In other sad news: Willow's father (and maybe Sally's), the Manx, was found dead this morning :o( He escaped his yard last night, and something got him :o( :o(


Susan said...

Sorry the flea market didn't go as well as you'd hoped. Hang in there though!!

Chris said...

You are just so busy!! When do you find time to sleep?! :) Will J get sucked into "sell sell sell" mode? My dad totally did when he had an auction sale at his farm - starting to look around for other things to put up on the block.

Hmm, y'know, I'm pretty sure those are maple leaves, not sycamore. It's been a while since my forestry degree, but maples are pretty distinctive. Of course, we don't have sycamores up here, alas.

RheLynn said...

I am wondering about those leaves myself -- what our employers say are sycamores here look nothing like all the 'sycamores' I'm finding on the internet (like those).... I'm going to have to look it up in a good old encyclopedia ;o)

I'm not sure about J. I actually hope he does throw some more stuff 'up on the block.' We haven't touched half the things in this house since we moved!

I've been sleeping less with the busywork -- but actually feel much better seeing all the finished projects. It's weird -- I'm turning into my grandmother? (from all the stories my mom told me of her, she stayed up till the wee hours taking in laundry, and making toys and children's clothes to sell in the 1940s)

Chris said...

I'll get worried when you start to take in laundry... ;)

RheLynn said...

ROFL I needed that ;o) Just talked to my bf from high school about her wedding. There was something there, between our words, that left me feeling sad.

Maybe that is just me, though. My mom still goes over for coffee every couple of days with her best friend from junior-high and has a 'rip-roaring time.'