Saturday, February 25, 2006

Craftiness, and photo link

I have been knitting! Only six of these are for flea-market, so far. The two red/white dishcloths are for my mom's B-Day present. She doesn't have a computer, so I think I'm safe ;o)

Sally had to check out the cool fabrics I thrifted.

The multitude of non-crafty pictures I took today will be over here.


Chris said...

Very cool train pictures, too! Pink Rocket got a few things going in her store, with more on the way... (Your fabric find reminded me of her luck in thrift stores.)

RheLynn said...

I looked at her Cafepress -- it looks like her softies sold quickly! That's great! I love her logo, it is 'cool' and elegant all at the same time ;o)