Saturday, February 25, 2006

Living in Paris (TN) Part 3

We didn't have a nice blue sky today. In fact, it has now turned quite 'cold' again, 48°

The Conclusion of 'Living in Paris (TN)'
Parts I, II & III
As promised, this is the replica of the Eiffel tower, built by college students. The tale goes that it was originally made of wood by some engineering students. However, termites brought the wooden one down. By that time, it had become a tourist attraction; so, they rounded up money to build a new one out of metal. This is just outside a large park that has a swimming pool, tennis courts and all that jazz.

There were some 'hooligans' throwing rocks while I was trying to get my shots. Here is one of them picking up a rock to throw at the tower. J says this is our revenge.


Chris said...

Very cool!! It's sort of nice that the "hooligans" are there for scale. :)

RheLynn said...

You're right! J suggested the angle on that first shot, which was right-on-the-money. (He opened the gate so I could put the camera down on the ledge for a low shot)

Chris said...

48. Wow. I would be shorts!

Did you see the cute owls on the most recent whip up! post?

RheLynn said...

We're getting soft here in TN, almost like the locals ;o)

Thanks for the link, I love While She Naps! I haven't been there for a while, she has some more really neat stuff up. Miss I. wants me to sew her a lamb soon, I love the way WSN did the ears on hers.

Susan said...

Okay, my mom is in Tennessee and when I talked with her today we, of course, mentioned the weather. She said they were cold. I told her I'd just bought my daughter a new pair of sandals and it was a nice 74 degrees here. There was a long silence. (I thought she'd hung up on me!) We don't talk about the weather now. I think it might be a source of pain for her.

Chris said...

D'oh! IN shorts, not be shorts.

RheLynn said...

LOL at Susan! We are feeling cold (and guilty about it) at 48 degrees.. and to think we were 'North Dakotan Minnesotans' (we lived in Fargo/Moorhead) just a year ago ;o)