Monday, February 13, 2006

Willow is a clown!

As described earlier, Willow thinks the puzzle box is her new bed.
However, she hasn't quite got the hang of it.
I am sure you can easily imagine what happens next...;o)

Oh it was a LONG day... HTML&CSS, editing news, sanding a pair of wooden doors, cooking, grocery shopping.. all the regular stuff ;o) But then we got King Kong (the original) in from Netflix! J fell asleep halfway through. I saved the scene-selection for him.

Our boss gave us three bananas that, if they get any riper, will soon sprout legs and take over my kitchen. I am looking up a vegan banana-bread recipe to thwart their conquest.

Not too much knitting tonight - I have to rush through the very last chapter of 'Beekeeper's Apprentice' while the bread bakes. Where has my free time gone lately?

My treat tonight: Lemon pudding and black tea with real milk in it. My mother says she doesn't know where I get the 'milk-in-my-tea' part from, its defnintely not from her!

Messy Desk Revealed, News at 11:00

I think I prefer the graphic, to the graphic mess ;o)
It really needs a refinishing, this was my grandfather's business desk.
OK.. off to kill mutant bananas.


Rhiannon said...

Willow is adorable. Why do cats love weird places??

The desk is a very good representation!!

RheLynn said...

Thanks Rhiannon ;o) If I knew the answer to your question, I think I'd be a millionaire in cat-bed sales *sneaky laugh*

**pokes mutant banana bread cautiously with a fork**

Chris said...

Hopefully the mutant banana bread tasted ok!!

I love those "puzzling" pictures of Willow... hee hee. Obviously I need more coffee...

Your desk graphic is even more realistic in comparison to the "real" desk. Kinda eerie...

RheLynn said...

Chris: Heh, thanks, the desk is kind of like the 'Twilight Zone' somedays ;o)

The banana bread didn't crawl out of the fridge last night, so I did get a chance to taste it. Not too bad, but still not 'normal' either. This is like a sugary banana sponge.

It still qualifies as food though, so it will not go to waste.