Monday, February 27, 2006


Sally: "Hurry up! She's coming back!"

Here is my attempt at Illustration Friday, although it's Monday ;o)

About the sketch: around 3" square, made with coloured and watercolour pencils, black V-5 Pilot Pen, and yellow notebook paper (I'll use better paper next time ;o) I usually do an outline drawing first, then a texture drawing, then the final drawing in colour (with all the bugs worked out) This process took about 20 minutes.

My cats do this in real life, except for the 'lookout part'... although I'm not sure. Photo shot with a Canon A40 PowerShot camera under daylight conditions, long-exposure. Loaded into the Gimp and cropped to a manageable size ;o)

I've heard that it will be nice weather tomorrow morning, so maybe we willl get to the flea market to sell dishcloths, random toys and household items. I'm working on the duckies and a new doll (based on the pattern from the doll I had in the Hjemkost museum's women's art showcase in 2005, just before we moved here) that will need a LOT of work before she is done. I'm taking 'in-process' pictures of her to combine into an album later.

We are off to work!


Chris said...

Very very cute!! You must just have been waiting for an excuse to do some drawing. :)

Carrie K said...

Oh, they do the looking out part too.

Cute drawing!

The Tart said...

Funny and adorable. They are a sneaky bunch!

The Tart

RheLynn said...

Thanks Chris this was a lot of fun ;o) I'm going to have to dig out my stack of BFK Rives (good printmaking paper) scrap-cuts and use them for this ;o)

Thanks carrie and jody too! Nice to meet you jody!