Friday, February 24, 2006

Lot of Links

1.) hop skip jump blog has more creatures of cuteness posted ;o)
2.) Dacia Ray has some useful cuteness, and also a bevy of bunnies at her flickr stream.
3.) This green elephant with a pouch is an interesting idea...

Other links:
A.) Getting ideas by browsing FotoSearch (the pics are NOT free, but the looking is.. they have some cool texture and detail shots in here)
B.) Archive.Org, however, is a search place for free stuff to download. Music, radio, movies, pictures and articles from the Internet Archive.
C.) And, not to forget WikiSource and WikiMedia Commons.

Make It Links
a.) Runo dollmaking patterns (free online)
b.) Dogs and Cats <--easy looking
c.) Extremely elaborate dollmaking site.
d.) Sweet 1940s doll! I'll definitely have to try this one!

My News: The weekend is almost here! I hope to take a lot more pictures. J says I need to 'get off my tail' and start making a new portfolio, to show in Memphis and Nashville. EEP. I am easily scared by such things, but I have to do it sometime... he is right. The first 'Gallery Walk' is one of the most frightening things for an artist. (My advisor described his to me!) Even with the stuffed animals in the shop (and a job), J reminds me: 'That isn't what you went to school for six years for... is it?'

*sigh* No. :o( Let's see what I can get started on...


Chris said...

That J, he's a smart 'un. :)

Fortunately, those kitties at Hop Skip Jump are too cute for me. Whew!!

Go forth and take pictures!!

RheLynn said...

I will! But I do have more sewing to do as well.

I just hope there aren't too many pictures tomorrow ;o)

Susan said...

Gotta agree with J here. You go!

I love the links! I'd had some construction questions about dolls and I think this is going to help!

RheLynn said...

You're welcome! It is especially fun if you like putting together puzzles? Dolls are like 3D puzzles that fall together in the stitches ;o)

It is especially like a puzzle, if you just drew the pattern and are sewing the prototype.

Chris said...

Those simple dog & cat dolls reminded me that I need to get drawing... I'm trying to make a pattern for a VERY SIMPLE (and sort of flat) stuffed horse my brother had as a child - my friend Jan's going to sew it up for me, then I'll add the yarn mane and embroider on the eyes. And we'll give it to my brother and his wife for my little niece or nephew, due in about 5-6 weeks!!

RheLynn said...

YAY! They don't know (or didn't want to?) if it is a boy or a girl yet? What colour are you going to make the horse?