Saturday, February 18, 2006

Bunnies in Progress

I got into a sewing kick last night after I got home ;o)

J says they would make great puppets ;o)
Willow got in on this too, she thought they were toys for her ;o)

A full shot of the little skirt

Bunnies in Progress!

Links: Little Bear Studio, of Thistletown fame. This is a photo of her great studio! Much more organized than my desk ;o) Also, Up and Away shop, I know you can tell why I think she's cool!

J is working on another puzzle, a smaller one this time ;o) He has almost all of it done. We are going to order Chinese at the Lucky Dragon *claps*! I think the cracker recipe would make a good pizza crust too -- will try that for supper tonight. Prarie Home Companion comes on at 6 pm!

In other news, My sister got married last week.. and I'm actually not very happy about it. But that's that.


Chris said...

Your sister got married?! Wow. This sounds complicated...

The bunnies are cute!

I will be at the Fitzgerald Theater this eveningat 8 pm Central, for a concert. :)

RheLynn said...

It is complicated :o(

Lucky you! What concert are you going to?

Rhiannon said...

I watched all of your flickr photos and love all the ones of Willow in the box on the table. Moving all around, getting on with the cleaning business and what not.

Sorry about being unhappy about your sister.

I also love the little bunnies, are the faces inked on?? Very cute.

I followed your link to the Etsy website, WOW, what a cool avenue for craftsters!!

RheLynn said...

Thanks Rhiannon! Etsy really is a great idea -- I should post some of the favorites I've already marked. How about your bags? It only costs 10 cents to post each item, and they last for 6 months.

The faces are embroidered, except I did *cheat* and ink the whiskers on the white bunny. I thought she needed some ;o)

Susan said...

I love the bunnies! It's so weird because today I've been sketching little stuffed critters I'd like to make. You just inspired me to drag out the Bernina and get sewing!

Susan said...

I will definately send pictures your way. I'm going to start hunting around for funky fabric to make my little weirdos out of.

RheLynn said...

Susan: Great!, but watch out, they might revolt when they hear you call them 'weirdos!' Hehe j/k ;o)

Chris: Hope you had a great time at the concert!

Chris said...

Thanks, RheLynn, I did! Christine Lavin with Claudia Schmidt. We laughed ourselves hoarse. :)

RheLynn said...

Chris: I found a link to the singers from your concert, they do look like a riot! I haven't heard them before.