Friday, February 17, 2006

An Hour to Make, Five Minutes to Disappear

These are crunchy baked crackers made from the Pepper Crackers recipe. Except -- these are Sundried Tomato and Basil crackers 8-) YUM! I stayed up till 1 am making two batches of these as a sort of 'peace offering' for work. As could be expected, only one batch survived ;o)

Mollychicken made two darling little bears a while back. I & II.

These bunnies at Wee Wonderfuls -- so sweet!

Learning Japanese
J and I are currently trying to learn Japanese, but we haven't been able to get into a local class. J called some of the Universities around here, and it is upwards of $1000.00 for just one person to take a single class! There is also a cool place in Memphis (I'll have to track down the name) that offers cafe style classes, where you make an appointment, and meet there to have coffee and conversation with your teacher and the group you registered with.

The other choice is some software. The software I have is old, and actually isn't very good. I haven't learned much from it, and it no longer runs on my new machine. We've been watching Japanese movies (with subtitles in English) for a few years now, and have picked up quite a few words there, as well. This is a long way from picking up on 'generative grammar' though.

I put a bid on some new software this morning, something J has researched. He is still calling around to other, farther-away colleges, to see what they have.

It is our goal, in about 6 years, to visit Japan and spend a month there together. By then though, I will have a really hard time going! As we are planning for kids next year... *cringes at the thought of taking them with to a foreign country OR leaving them behind with Grandma* :o}

Now I have to go to work :o{


Chris said...

Hopefully your day goes better!!

Hee hee, now you're a cracker making machine!

Susan said...

I'll have to try those crackers. They look yummy!

You know, I had a whole story for Chaos but I tried to keep it short and sweet!

Chris said...

*smiles at Susan*

I admire your Japan plan!

Check out this collection of macrame owls...

RheLynn said...

Thanks Chris! That is a great collection. My mom had one of these, (although I don't see any that look just like hers). My sister and I had it hanging outside our bedroom door all the time we were growing up. I wonder where it went!

BTW: It is odd I called this blog KnitOwl. At the time, I wasn't even thinking about my mom's HUGE owl obsession. Now, it kind of fits in an odd way!

Ladeewolf said...

I am going to have to try those crackers. And if you want to learn Japanese, you might try Instant Immersion from Topix software, I have the spanish version, but it come in a number of languages. I think it can be had for as little as $20. It used to cost $169. It is a pretty good program.

RheLynn said...

Thanks Linda -- I'll have to ask J to look that one up. We have a bid out on one called 'Power Japanese.'

Cracker making machine! Chris you were right... I think I have to make more on Sunday -- someone at work didn't get any (I didn't think he would like them) and I got an 'unspoken request.' ;o) RheLynn made crackers??? No, I didn't get any...

Chris said...

RheLynn, Queen of Crackers. ;)