Saturday, February 11, 2006

Still snowing, but not snowbound

When it was snowing last night on the way home, we came across a native Tennessean who had run his truck into a telephone pole! *eep* He was trying to walk 2 miles in 25 degree weather (People do DIE that way... up North) with no coat and in short sleeves. We drove him up the road and dropped him off at home. He was quite afraid of J's method of controlling our truck on the ice, which included switching to neutral and not really minding about fishtailing a bit here and there ;o) When we told him we had lived in North Dakota before here, he eased up a little!

Prarie Home Companion is on - and they mentioned an author that sounded interesting:

Wright Morris: photographs and literary works.

Last time Garrison Keillor reccommended an author it was W. Somerset Maugham. I read a few chapters of his Of Human Bondage about a boy with a club foot.

I am getting to the end of The Beekeeper's Apprentice. Really it is shameful of me, because there was a time not long ago I would have sat down and read a book cover to cover during the course of a night. I don't know what it is, but I am much more easily distracted now.

Working on dishcloth #5. I really hope I will get 8 or even 10 done for the flea market on Tuesday morning. But, considering we are having a 'Southern Snowstorm' (meaning the snow doesn't melt on contact) the flea market may not be held this week.

Since I don't have any photos today -- here is a wonderful painting by Franz Marc at the WebMuseum.


Chris said...

Those are stunning b&w photos! Thanks for the link.

Hee hee - we did have a lovely evening. I hadn't seen Shrek 2 before - I was SHRIEKING with laughter at Puss in Boots!

RheLynn said...

;o) He has a weapon we know all too well (big watery kitten eyes) ;o) J's Mom plays it each time we visit, which has been about three times now since it went to home DVD.

Weird how Beekeeper's has a little girl named 'Jessica Simpson'... I was reading that part early this morning.

Garrison has given some nice recc's lately (as have you, of course ;o)

Susan said...

I love the painting!

I'm such a dork! I looked at your profile and it finally hit me that you live in Tennessee. My mom lives in TN!!

Rhiannon said...

I have to tell you, when I moved to Alaska for the year, my brother in law took me out to learn to drive in the snow/ice. I did not enjoy his lessons. He took me to an icy parking lot and would pull on the emergency brake and turn the wheel to cause us to spin so he could show me how to get out of said spin. I would have been scared anyways, but this was in my approx 4 month old car which I was (AM) very protective!!

How much are you planning to sell your dish cloths for?? How exciting to be making something and earning a (hopeful) profit!

Good Luck

RheLynn said...

susan: Wow ;o) I just moved here last April, 2005. I was born and raised in MN, spent some time in North Dakota ;o)

rhiannon: Sounds terrifying! I rely on J to do the 'skating' for me. I have only been in two very bad spins, five minutes apart. By some miracle, I went into the ditch and back out onto the road on the second spin! I limped to Walker, MN and called my brother and dad to pick me up *scary day*

J wants me to try to sell the dishcloths for 5$ a piece!!! I'm not sure.. I was thinking $5.00 a pair. I guess we start high and see where they sell. It is, after all, just a flea market ;o)