Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Living in Paris (tennessee)

Our semi-famous 'catfish' sign ;o) I only had one shot from the car.
The text says 'Home of the World's Biggest Fish Fry'

I wanted to go down to our beautiful courthouse building and grab some nice detail shots this morning. However, the sun is not cooperating and I don't have all day to wait for it :o( That will have to be another day. There are three things in Paris, TN that top my list of 'photographable for tourists.' (I guess, by the town's idea, Northerners will always be tourists) ;o) Well they are, the model of the Eiffel tower, the fish sign, and the courthouse in the middle of town.

Man! Are our windows dirty or what?
But look at those whiskers ;o)

Sally has a new habit in the car. She 'kneesurfs' on J. She used to sit in my lap and sleep, but of course this is much more interesting! She usually sits very still and will go up to his headrest and sleep as well.

One more shot


Chris said...

I love the catfish sign! As you probably know, Minnesota and Wisconsin are really big on giant animals. :)

Great cat pictures today, too! Heh, Chaos would be clinging to my leg, claws extended if he was free in the car...

Chris said...

Oh, wow - someone mailed me a black kitty variant of that Wee Wonderfuls kitty softie! She is SOOOOOOO cute. Pictures tomorrow.

RheLynn said...

How cute! I can't wait to see it! I have yet to make one, as I've been in a CSS daze.

Believe it or not, we use a fingernail clipper on our kittens' front claws every week. They don't like it, but they accept that it has to be done. I doubt any other cat I've known would submit to such 'kitty torture!'

Chris said...

Chaos actually doesn't mind his claws getting trimmed because he gets a treat (no, not tuna - PetroMalt - don't tell him he'd get it anyway!). It was kinda ugly when I first started - the old wrapped in towel with one leg sticking out thing.

RheLynn said...

With Chaos, I am amazed! He seems like such an independent cat!