Thursday, February 02, 2006

Sally says: Life is so Hard!

We came home early today. I am here working on an internet-order form, and look who decided to sleep in my laptop bag!

=^-^= Turn the flash thing off! I'm trying to sleep! =^-^=

Poor Sally, life is so hard for a kitten :o)

Well enough goofing off, I've got a lot of HTML and CSS to code **eep** Have a great day!

Link : Vleeptron's blog: Great content about Mozart and physics!


Chris said...

Oh, poor, poor Sally!

Have a productive evening!

RheLynn said...

wow, I guess I did a 'silent' poetry reading yesterday with the German Poems! **No Jinxes please!**

Had to take a break to get J some more 7-Up. It is dreary, 47° and raining here. I need to get back to work :o(

Chris: Your poem post cheered me some though!

Chris said...

Yay! :)

Poor J. Strawberry jello turned the tide for me... And extremely diluted vegetable broth.

Bob Merkin said...

hiya RheLyn!

Thanks so much for linking to Vleeptron, glad you enjoy it and hope those you steer to it do too. There's a PizzaQuestion up for grabs now about the length of planet Yobbo's elliptical orbit, maybe take a whack at it, because so far everybody sees Math and goes into hiding or weeping.

I DON'T CARE about all the nasty $#$^ that may happen this year ... 2006 is going to be the most wonderful year, live performances of Mozart all over the world. I wish you, your cats, and all your pals tons of wonderful concerts.

My cats -- Elmer Elevator the huge rabbit-hunting Maine Coon, Priscilla, Benedict Spinoza and Scarlett-Charlotte the screaming Siamese -- say hi to Sally.

Bob Merkin said...

hey hey

1.) my wife S.W.M.B.O. is a spinner dyer and knitter -- and at this moment a quilter.

2. Here's some Vleeptron physics. Solve this and win 3 slices of Pizza: