Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Kittens in the leaves

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That is Willow on the bottom-right, and Sally is easy to see because she has her mouth open! She was very vocal, even then ;o)

The meeting was actually very fruitful. We have a lot of things to work on — next week especially. There is another meeting next Tuesday. Considering that we usually meet once a month or 'as-needed' this is unusual.

Our vehicle is undergoing an expensive surgery that may or may not fix the problem. *sigh*

I did get some knitting in, just dishcloths, not my sock :o( We might go to the Huntingdon, TN flea-market on Tuesday mornings to join in with a 'group table.' Since the dishcloths don't take much time at all (knit one while watching Wallace and Gromit (the bunnies ROCK)), they will be my contribution.


Chris said...

*fingers crossed for truck*

Is that the Wallace & Gromit movie? I haven't seen that yet...

RheLynn said...

YES! 'The Curse of the Were-Rabbit' You should rent it ;o) The bunnies are adorable, as is knitting frazzled Gromit ;o)

As I said, the bunnies ROCK. They are numerous, adorable and funny. J said it could have been two full hours of just the bunnies and he would have watched it.

Thanks for the luck wish.

Peevish said...

Soooo cute! Those kittens are adorable!