Thursday, February 09, 2006

News on the side

KNITTING! -- MagKnits

I like this 'Tech Guy' sock pattern and this 'Odessa Hat', although I doubt I'll be using those particular yarns.

My mom is holding up well -- as she has my three-year old niece to hug her.
Hopefully she can feel these as well over the phone.

I am on the fourth dishcloth for the flea market, and just got back from having my permanent crown put on (last week was the temporary) It turns out that the nice man who helped us with our truck is the father of one of my hygienists! Wow huh? Maybe I can get her to give him the gift certificate ;o)

I'm home for the rest of the day, but have some webpage-idea work to do for the meeting next week. I know it sounds weird, but I'm thinking Sauteed Radishes over brown rice for dinner. We have to use some up ;o)

A really beautiful snow picture from the flickr port of One of Grace whose blog I stumbled upon back in November and bookmarked.

My article: To Cook a Radish
Woohoo! Somebody liked our Tribbles recipe ;o) I would have liked a more prominent SciFiCookbook link though :o( especially because they 'reprinted' it.

These little pincushion owls are so cute! And a great idea, to boot! My mom collected tons of little owl things, like these, when I was little.

Geeky Note : I use Emacs every day at work, and the keystrokes are quickly becoming involuntary. In fact, they are superseding other commands I learned! In Emacs CTRL-W is cut and CTRL-Y is paste. In browsers, CTRL-Y does absolutely nothing, and CTRL-W (evilly) closes your window!! Blogger is the only site so far that I've found that asks you 'Did you really want to close this page?' or else I would be retyping a LOT of posts ;o)

News links (on the side)
This is a few years old, but funny -- Students find out monkeys cannot 'write Shakespeare.'

This would be beautiful, if it's true -- Babies' cells linger, may protect Mom, I wonder though, if it depends on how alike the babies genetics will be to their mother. Yes, every baby technically has 50% of their mother's genes, but what if the baby is missing important features of Mom's genetic makeup? Or, if the baby has inherited something from Dad that reacts badly(biologically) with Mom? Just some thoughts...

'relative' of T-Rex found, here


Chris said...

Snow, snow, snow - we got it here right now, fa la la la la.

I'm pretty sure I've never eaten a cooked radish. Hmm.

About what cats do all day - well, when I'm home during the day and stationary, Chaos is sleeping nearby... most of the time. He also runs around crazy for a while. I know he does that when I'm gone, because the throw rugs are higgeldy-piggeldy when I get home.

RheLynn said...

LOL They are doing that right now! They pulled the phone-cord out on J, and when he went to put it back in, he found a water-dish soaked mouse wrapped around the cord! EWW Chaos must be sending them 'lessons' via telepathy ;o)

I'd never cooked a radish before last summer. We had an overflow of them from our garden that would go rubbery within a day if not used. Chopped into pieces with some olive oil, salt and maybe some onion, they are an 'interesting' experience ;o)

RheLynn said...

We just heard another girl came to the same mechanic with the same problem this morning! And... *drumroll* she put gas in her tank from the same gas station.

Except -- she had more gas in her tank to start with, so it died after 15 miles, not 2 blocks.

We are both filing accident reports with the gas station. We'll see what happens.

Chris said...

Heh, soaking mice in the water dish is a favorite Chaos trick, so you might be on to something! Many's the time he's brought me a mouse and I've picked up and thrown it as I realied "Ew!" listened to the splat as it hit the floor.

A-ha! re: the gas. Good luck with that!

So Willow's eating peas now? Hmm. Maybe she's trying to go vegetarian?! One good thing about being sick last week is it broke my popcorn addiction. Chaos is sad, because he used to score quite a bit of popcorn every evening...

RheLynn said...

That was one of your goals, but Poor Chaos! I'm sure he won't eat the peas though ;o)

Not sure on the veg thing, I think Willow is just being a clown tonight. I really wish my camera had batteries in it!

Chris said...

Heh, I brought in 18 packets of that popcorn this morning, and my coworkers had scarfed it up in an amazing short time...