Monday, February 20, 2006

Da da da dum.. eek! eek!

I think she's imitating Lurch from The Addams family...

Ignore the towel in the background, but do look at the lazy cat that was draped over my arm for half of the morning ;o)

We are working at home for part of the morning, because the office well-pump is frozen. It was an unsually cold (for this area) weekend, dropping down to at least 5 degrees (which is nothing compared to what it was in Minnesota!)

My purple socks were sitting in my knitting bag all alone... So I pulled them out for a progress report.

I am stitching one more bunny and the monkey-bear, as my pair of Mini-Bunnies are going off to a good home. *celebrate* I was way too happy last night about that ;o) J said I was like a little kid!

It is President's Day so I can't send out the little bunnies until tomorrow :o(

Links: Sweetnellie has beautiful animal dolls, so elegant and almost vintage.


Chris said...

That's a great kitty picture - it's the eyes that make the pose. :)

What sort of dog?!

I know, President's Day is bumming me out - I'm waiting for the yarn I ordered on the Stashalong Free Day last week!

RheLynn said...

Willow has been begging for attention all morning, quite unlike the 'Greta Garbo' she was a few months ago.

'Princess' is a longhair German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix. I'm not particularily fond of Rottweilers (or the name princess), but this dog deserves a better environment than a tiny house in town.

What kind of yarn did you order again? I have to go over to Team Midwest and look at the Olympians ;o)

Chris said...

Some Trekking and some Helen's Lace in Black Purl. The Helen's Lace has to be dyed, so it'll take over a month. Anticipation!

Oh, this sounds like a very tasty recipe.

RheLynn said...

Thanks Chris! Susan's recipe does look yummy, and vegan! (0^0) <--surprised owl.

Helen's Lace looks so fine! You are building my sock yarn envy ;o) But I am still trying to complete this other pair of socks.

Stitching little creatures really cuts into knitting time... but I'm not resigned that is a bad thing, yet.

I'll be in countdown mode next week though, as the bunny package reminded me of my Mom's BIRTHDAY that I haven't finished her dishcloths or package of goodies for yet. I've had everything waiting in the wings, but haven't started on it yet **kicks self gently**

Chris said...

It being vegan was the trigger to pass it on to you. :)

Wow, you sure have a lot going on, RheLynn!

Liz said...

Thanks for the encouragement!!

Susan said...

Hey girl!

If you decide to get a crockpot I highly recommend getting one with a timer! Also, get the biggest one you can find. The timer will just save your ass. Seriously.

RheLynn said...

Thanks Susan, J enjoyed that comment ;o) We used to have one in Fargo, and used it for a couple of months. It went the way of the dodo :o(