Thursday, February 23, 2006

Catfish Sighting!

I saw Chris' post on large cats, and J said 'Get out the camera!' BTW, both of these pics are rarities.... him letting me post them, rarer still, so enjoy!

This is my DH, J, holding a 10 lb. half-Manx catch named Willowpede ;o)

For comparison, this is Willowpede as a kitten, on June 31st of last year.
J says we fed her too much 8o}
But of course, he's kidding!

Some background -- We were carrying all of the kittens in a box, and J wanted a photo of Willow before we brought her back to her Mom. This was the day all of the kittens were among the leaves on the satellite dish. Willow is about a month-and-a-half old here.

BTW, if these pictures take FOREVER to download, give me a hint... Not everyone has a T-1 or large displays I'm sure?


Chris said...

I have fast DSL, so... And at work we have multiple T3s... I'm not sure I can provide any useful feedback! :)

So she's not done growing - that Manx bit may yet cause her to exceed Chaos. :) It's kind of funny that Riley (his mom) is 9 or 10 lbs. Chaos and his brother are each 15 lbs. So Riley helped bring 30 lbs of cat into the world...

Hi J!!!

RheLynn said...

He says 'Hi' back!

Our boss said she was likely to be a 'BIG CAT', due to the size of her father. It is funny how things go, like both of the sons outgrowing the mother ;o)

On a not entirely detached subject, my mom is 5'1", and my older brother is 6'3"... (but he was barely six pounds at birth) Nature does some weird and wonderful things!