Sunday, February 19, 2006

Pizza, and the bunnies keep marching in

Willow is helping me cut out more little creatures! Yet another pattern came to my mind last night, and the prototype is halfway sewn (but doesn't photograph well yet). But this little girl does!

I tried to embroider a face without the white background, which made her look quite different. This bunny-picture is quite big, so beware the click!

The monkey-bear oddity I am working on (it is hard to draw with a keyboard mouse!) -- I took a photo of it in-progress but it looks like a mass of white cloth and paper.

Knitting News : My purple socks are not entirely forsaken -- I've put a few rounds on them here and there. After the flea market on Tuesday (weather permitting) I hope to do a bit more. The dishcloths are churning out, when I'm not stitching little rabbits and their kin ;o)

J put the girls' collars on them again today. They hate them. While we were watching an anime we caught Sally sitting up on her hind-legs with her chin to her chest trying to lick her collar off. She gave us a dirty look when we laughed at her.

I'm making crackercrust pizza again, with fresh mushrooms, tomatoes, green peppers and onions. We made a batch last night and it was delicious! And to think, a whole pan of this costs 3-5 dollars, instead of 20.00 to order a 'vegan' pizza from PH! It really is worth the 15 minutes of handwork in the 58° kitchen ;o)

Before it's gone...

Links: stuffed dragon ok.. this looks oddly familiar -->'bubble' doll <-- Did I see that in my sleep somewhere or what ;o) And a very scary 'lantern fish.'

A too-cute owl!

I need to make the fourth bunny and send it off in a care package to my mom. She is having a seriously hard time with my sister right now. I joked with her some on the phone, but I think a little bunny and some drawings would help more right now.


Susan said...

You're going to think I'm nuts but I found a cool link and thought of you. Here it is:

Check it out. Love the bunny!!

RheLynn said...

Thanks Susan, that is so cool! We are watching a Japanese anime right now. I'm going to have to show J this site as soon as it is over!

RheLynn said...

Susan: J was listening to the hiragana, thanks!

This is a great site for Kanji too!

Chris said...

Bunnies, bunnies, everywhere!! :)

That second softie looks sort of like what Pink Rocket's been making, doesn't it? I'm needing to design a little softie horse. See, way back a long time ago when my brother and I were little, he had a very simple softie horse, with embroidered eyes and a yarn mane and tail. He loved "Horsie." Since my brother's going to be become a dad in a few months, I'm thinking I need to replicate "Horsie" as best I can for my little niece or nephew. :)

Oh, that pizza looks good....

RheLynn said...

Congrats to your brother (and to you auntie ;o) I was playing with a pink flowered horse in my sketchbook, but I'm sure that isn't what you were thinking about ;o)

I was over at Pink Rocket's site today -- and didn't see it, but will go back and look!

My sister-in-law just called (via my mom) and said she wants me to draw portraits of my nephews again.

Chris said...

Booga and Oooga at Pink Rocket's...

Your horse is probably 500 times more horselike than was "Horsie." :)

RheLynn said...

I see! They have horns! Opoga is really cute ;o) Green is a good colour on him!