Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Spring Sarvis and Garden

It's Spring!  The sarvis trees are blooming.
I did some cleanup in the garden today and took some pictures.
  I planted some Alaska peas outside, and some Blauhilde peas inside  to transplant... we'll see if either or both takes.

Our garden tiger was in residence (jaguar, Esme says)

 The lemon balm is starting to come up
 This is a weed plant I keep calling 'chickenweed'.. and forgetting the real name of it.  It has a few - cutleaf geranium, wild geranium or wild cranesbill.  I'll try to remember.. but my chickens love to it so I usually end up calling it that.

 I captured some vines while I was out there - a mixture of pumpkin and morning glory vines from last year, dried out around the fence and around our peach and plum tree.  I rescued the trees.. and really liked how that one shot of the freed plum tree with its leaves turned out against the fence pole.

 Hollyhocks!  We planted these last year somewhere in the summertime... and didn't expect them to do much after they seemed to come up and immediately die off... but boom - two clumps have come back up.  I'm happy!  I can't remember if they were the black ones I've tried for years to cultivate or a mixed color..we might get the chance to find out.

 Esme's lambs ears.  They have come up and are spreading a little in the shade garden.

 Our peach trees in flower
These are the ones we bought on clearance last year - Mark said we aren't going to let them fruit this year, but it is nice to see them take to the ground so well.

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