Tuesday, March 08, 2016


8a    - 150x JJ, 50x 15lb bench,
8.15    - reading: "Felicity Learns a Lesson" chp 2
9a    - CC Math workbook
9.15    - Minecraft
11    - pizza construction
11.15    - break

5p    - Discussion over Felicity book lessons
5:30 - done

// I went into work today.  Seems like the whole place got hit hard with something like what I had.  I went over a few things in the book with Esme when I got home (while she was dragon flying) and then we went and prepared dinner.

Comments I've been meaning to mention:

Esme: You know, that guy - the one you said running for (wanting to be) President?  McDonald Trump.  He lives down the road, Mr. McDonald Trump?  He drives all crazy. // Yes we have a crazy driver neighbor named McDonald - but no, he is not 'the' Donald.

Brisco County Jr. should win like 100 Oscars.  (When told that the Mad Max movie won Oscars.  She thought Mad Max was a pretty awful movie compared to the Brisco television series)

She was focusing on the mystery bounty hunter's episode where they are in an island hotel and getting picked off one by one... and she said we should have known who the killer was because when the skeleton came through the ceiling we all had different reasons why the acid shouldn't have left the skeleton like that - it should have eaten the hat, or made the ring all globby...if he didn't have any meat left on the bones at all.

A few days ago before I got sick we finished Little House in the Big Woods and started in on Little House on the Prairie as our bedtime book.   I would like to find her a copy of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory next time at the library, write down the ISBN of a good 'decent font and text size' copy and find one to order for her own.

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