Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Tuesday is fine

7a    - Puppet Theatre project
---We added a window to one side and made a curtain for it.  She really wanted it to be a roman shade - but I told her that was much more than I wanted to get into right now...and we might look at it again later.
7.30    - 2 worksheets: prefixes
7:50     - math pg 71. Progress in Mathematics
8.45    - break

9.15    - Lions and Tigers report
---We added info in, typed it, looked at our capitalization, punctuation and spacing, added pictures and printed it.  When she colored in the range map from the articles yesterday she made sure I knew 'she wasn't an artist' and it wouldn't be perfect.  I told her we weren't going for perfect.  (The pictures are clipart from google that did not have license tags on them..and since it is non-commercial, good practice and makes the writing look 'friendlier' to her I had her choose them, copy them and put them in her paper).

10a    - bike riding
---She saw a mushroom on the road and was glad it couldn't eat us.  But, there are some plants that eat meat, she said, but they are rare..and when did they form?  From there, we got onto the topic of Venus Fly Traps and 'how do they put their DNA in their seeds?' ...had a discussion while we rode about 'sea star' type reproduction (asexual, cloning type) and sexual reproduction where there is a mother and a father, with the children getting a mix of half of the DNA from each - so they weren't as susceptible to diseases and problems that a group of creatures who all have exactly the same DNA would have.  It's a good start for our later look into DNA.
10.15    - reading aloud: "Too Many Tamales"
10.30    - PE: 50x jumping jacks, 50x 10lb bench, 20x reverse situps,
      20x situps, 30x deadlift, 60+ sec tripod stand
---She asked why she needs to have strong muscles if she is going to be a scientist and carry tiny bottles of DNA back and forth to machines. We talked about exercise and overall health and fitness.  I also mentioned the machines were big, and she might need to push them around. Oh. OK.
11a    - reading aloud, venus flytrap reproduction article
    - reading "Dinosaurs Forever" poetry book to puppies
11.30    - done

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