Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday week 8

 Marker drawing - black swan and fish

 Painting a Crocodile getting an apple from a tree

9a    - 50x jumping jacks
    - writing: 4 sentences
9.45    - 30x 10lb bicurls, 20x situps
10a    - art (Black Swan) from Australia booklet
10.15    - break

11a    - art, continued
11.30    - chemistry: gunpowder prep, they made a fizzy smoke bomb type chemical experiment and it really worked.  They also pulled MSDS sheets on each item in the experiment and read them before working with them.
12.45    - break

4.45    - quadcopter flying
5p    - break

5.30p    - painting
6p    - video: life in cold blood, ep 2, amphibians
7.15    - painting
7.30p    - done

Tomorrow there is a participatory music event we are planning on going to.  I hope it is as cool as it sounds!  I asked for the day off last month.

Quote: // So Mom, do we know yet what humans are turning into, for the future?  Are the scientists thinking about that? I'm thinking about that. And I don't know what it is!

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